[Seaside] mutual exclusion: WAProcessMonitor critical:ifError

Luc Damas luc.damas at univ-savoie.fr
Fri May 19 09:25:36 UTC 2006

It is OK.
I fork my process and display a message: "running..."
Thanks !

Bany, Michel a écrit :
>> It appears especially when I launch a "complex" process when 
>> rendering ("complex" is long and UI on the server (progress bars)).
>> It appears when refreshing the page with the navigators'button.
> Ah, this is different. If the amount of processing done by your
> "complex" process is very large, then it is normal that Seaside does not
> respond and the process monitor shows WAProcessMonitor>>critical:ifError
> while the "complex" process is running.
> In such situations, if the user gets impatient and tries the navigator's
> refresh button, then a second HTTP request is sent for the same Seaside
> session while the first HTTP request with the "complex" process is still
> being processed. The second HTTP request is suspended by the
> WAProcessMonitor
> until the "complex" process is complete. Seaside is designed that way.
> Rather than using the navigator's refresh button, you can also use the
> "Terminate" link in the toolbar at the bottom.
> HTH,
> Michel.
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