[Seaside] file protocol and WAPopupAnchorTag

astares at gmx.de astares at gmx.de
Mon May 22 11:44:47 UTC 2006


in IE it is possible to use url's with the file protocol. (file://c:/temp)
to open the browser on the file.

Unfortunately this is not working with the WAPopupAnchorTag on the new 
canvas api due to an additional send of ".focus()" in
It opens a new popup window and sets it's content to the given folder as
expected but the original page with the link is also redirected to the file
url. (tested in IE6)

I would vote for removing this additional ".focus()" call - this fixes
the issue, is compatible to the output of the old rendering API and 
the browser sets the focus to the popup anyway.

Any comments?

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