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Mart-Mari Breedt breedt_m at aircom.co.za
Wed May 24 13:40:48 UTC 2006

O, ok. I will check it out. I tought there was maybe something I could
help with, but it doesn't sound like it. 

I tried the sortable table row tags, but it seems like the wiki was
right... it can indeed not be applied to these kind of tags. (I should
have probadly believed the wiki from the start). Does anyone maybe know
of a workaround for this?

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> That is a real pity. Do you care to explain what the problem is?

Ask google, this is something that has been discussed a lot in the
blog world. It has nothing to do with Seaside or Smalltalk, it is
rather a problem with different JavaScript libraries that change
prototypes in incompatible manners and/or have conflicting
implementations ...


Lukas Renggli
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