[Seaside] Ressource management

Hans N Beck hnbeck at t-online.de
Wed May 24 19:22:02 UTC 2006

Hi Michel,

thank you for the hints, they will be useful, I think :-)



Am 23.05.2006 um 15:40 schrieb Bany, Michel:

>> to seaside I'm certainly a beginner, and from this it is not
>> clear to me what  rules there are for proper ressource
>> management. I had the problem with ODBC connections, which
>> were catched by WASessions (I think). Only a "Cache clean"
>> killed the ODBC instances.
>> Where would be a good place to clean - up i.e. database connections ?
> In one of my projects, we are using Seaside in VW for building a UI
> for a service that is running on a mainframe. The communication  
> between
> the UI and the service is based upon socket  connections which are
> managed
> out of a pool. We have a mechanism for obtaining socket connections
> from the pool and another one for releasing and cleaning them up. The
> socket
> connections are obtained lazily as needed and released as early as
> possible
> when no longer needed, to make sure that socket connections with the
> mainframe are held as briefly as possible.
> Although this is not database connections, these ideas may be reusable
> in your case.
> For robustness, we need to make sure that socket connections are
> properly
> released in all situations, so we have subclassed WASession and
> re-implemented
> #responseForRequest: with something like this :
> responseForRequest: aRequest
> 	[response := super responseForRequest: aRequest]
> 		ensure: [self releaseResourcesForRequest: aRequest
> response: response].
> 	^response.
> We are not using #unregistered, since we are not holding any socket
> connection resource between HTTP requests.
> For even more robustness (when something weird occurs while executing
> the ensure block above), we also subclassed WAProcessMonitor and
> re-implemented
> #terminate with something like this:
> terminate
> 	| theProcess |
> 	(theProcess := process) ifNotNil:
> 		[theProcess terminate.
> 		self releaseResourcesForProcess: theProcess].
> The WAProcessMonitor object is instantiated in the #initialize method
> of our WASession subclass
> initialize
> 	super initialize.
> 	monitor := MyProcessMonitor new.
> Michel.
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