[Seaside] Pier backup

Brian Chapados chapbr+seaside at sciencegeeks.org
Thu May 25 14:54:53 UTC 2006

This topic has come up before on the Pier (smallwiki) mailing list.  Check
these links:

# save/restore all data from a pier instance

I use ReferenceStreams as follows:

" save Pier kernel instance "
stream := ReferenceStream fileNamed: 'pier-export.obj'.
stream nextPut: (PRKernel instanceNamed: 'mykernelname') root.
stream close.

" load Pier kernel from stored objects "
stream := ReferenceStream fileNamed: 'pier-export.obj'.
(PRKernel instanceNamed: 'mykernelname') root: stream next.
stream close.


> Hi all,
> The only thing which stops me to run personal wiki on Pier is the
> that I
> can have my image corrupted. Is there any way to make a backup of Pier
> and full restore ? If I can run it daily would be nice.
> Thanks.
> -Dmitry.

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