[Seaside] About DB connections pool

Boris Popov popov at shaw.ca
Fri May 26 01:20:22 UTC 2006

Maurzio Boriani wrote:
> On 2006-05-24 19:45:48 +0200 Boris Popov <boris at deepcovelabs.com> wrote:
>> Create a class variable called 'Default' on PGConnectionsPool, then
>> implement
>> PGConnectionsPool class>>default
>> ^Default ifNil: [Default := self new].
>> then use "PGConnectionsPool default" every time you need to access it 
>> from
>> anywhere you wish.
> ok, but in this way the PGConnectionsPool instance is available from the 
> whole system.
> Is there a way to have it available only from seaside components/apps ?

Give that there isn't such a separation between 'system' and 'seaside 
application' this doesn't quite apply. You could define the variable 
somewhere else, but that's about it if I understand you correctly.



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