[Seaside] Pier backup + Calendar question

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Fri May 26 15:54:18 UTC 2006

> My goal is to have an application to store a list of events
> for public view and search. While I have Pier-Forms and StellDichEin installed,
> still can not see how to have a list of events sorted by date, or a nice
> calendar view with my events. Creating events as separate pages would be ok,
> but overall navigation become a complete mess after a month.

This is a question to ask in the Pier mailing-list, register at

> I am very new to Magritte and Pier and was unable to find any good docs
> about it. I would program my own interface to event calendar (if such does not exist),
> but need some intro or good hints where to look and how to start. Quite impressed
> that I can have (in theory) an iCal compatible output for offline processing.

See <http://smallwiki.unibe.ch/smallwiki/pier/>.

There was a group of students developing a calendar application for
Pier last year, including todo-lists, iCal import/export, day-, week-,
month-views, etc. Unfortunately nobody kept the code updated to run on
the latest version, so there will be some work required. You can
check-out the code from:

    location: 'http://kilana.unibe.ch:8888/SW2Calendar'
    user: ''
    password: ''


Lukas Renggli

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