[Seaside] RE: Porting Seaside and Scriptaculous to VisualWorks

Bany, Michel mbany at cincom.com
Fri May 26 16:58:13 UTC 2006

> Would you mind providing instructions on porting Seaside and 
> Scriptaculous from Squeak to VisualWorks so I don't have to 
> keep bugging you every time I want to play with some of the 
> newer stuff. Maybe we could share the responsibility somewhat 
> given that we'll be using Seaside quite extensively on 
> VisualWorks from here on out.

Thanks for this offer !

You will need to set up a Squeak image and load the packages
from http://squeaksource.com/Seaside. You will also need to load
the package exporter from the same source.
The Seaside and Scriptaculous packages include a special class
that is used to drive the exporter, SeasideVWInfo resp.
ScriptaculousVWInfo. I recommend that you review these classes
carefully. That will tell you what portions are exported to VW
and what portions are not.

Then see the readme file in the "contributed\Seaside\Squeak\" area
of the VW distribution.
See also http://www.motionobj.com/seasidefaq/VisualworksSpecific
Porting is further documented in the code, see #portDocumentation

Once you have exported the Squeak code, you can use the Seaside
port tool that is available as part of Seaside-VW, see class
SeasidePort and the classes in the SeasidePortStrategy hierarchy.

You can enable the Seaside port tool in the VW Tools menu by
altering #isSeasideDeveloper. You will also have to alter #squeakFolder.
The Seaside port tool is an initial attempt to automate things
as much as possible. Publishing automatically to my local store
works in most cases. I did not dare yet publishing to Cincom store
automatically. Pay careful attention to #portSource implementors and
use the port tool to alter them.

Feel free to contact me, should you need further assistance.

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