[Seaside] Trends and Graphics

Mike Hales mike.hales at kscape.com
Sat May 27 18:43:40 UTC 2006

I am going to be starting a small seaside project soon to provide a limited
web interface for our existing VW and Gemstone application.  One thing that
I want to do is provide basic trend functionality.  On google trends I see
that they generate a png file on the fly for their trends.  I don't need
trends that continuously update so generating some sort of image would work
fine.  I know squeak has some libraries to do this sort of thing but does
anyone have suggestions for good starting point in VisualWorks?  For our GUI
based app we have custom views to handle all of the trending.  Is there any
code out there that could take a GrapicsContext and drop it to a jpg for
example that could be served up through seaside?  Thanks for any pointers.


Mike Hales
Engineering Manager
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