[Seaside] Trends and Graphics

Thomas Koschate koschate at omasko.com
Sun May 28 03:58:38 UTC 2006

On 2006-05-27, at 14:43, Mike Hales wrote:

> I know squeak has some libraries to do this sort of thing but does  
> anyone have suggestions for good starting point in VisualWorks?   
> For our GUI based app we have custom views to handle all of the  
> trending.  Is there any code out there that could take a  
> GrapicsContext and drop it to a jpg for example that could be  
> served up through seaside?  Thanks for any pointers.

One of the entries in the 2005 Smalltalk Solutions coding contests  
used VisualWorks and Seaside, and included graphs generated by using  
the VW business graphics package using standard specs.   
Unfortunately, I can't recall who actually did this code, although I  
downloaded it from somewhere and still have it.  The actual code  
looks fairly straightforward, suggesting that it should be easy  
enough to do.
Thomas Koschate 

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