[Seaside] Swazoo versions

Esteban A. Maringolo emaringolo at gmail.com
Mon May 29 00:12:07 UTC 2006


Today I was playing with the published version of Seaside made by Avi 
Bryant the last week, which uses the Swazoo version for Dolphin made by 
Sean Malloy, to add some missing functionalities I had working in my 
earlier port of Seaside to Dolphin.

Considering to what Sean says in his website, the port is based on the 
0.9.101 version, while Steve Waring's one is based on 0.9.99 
(apparently). Sean's version is more conscise in terms of number of 
packages, but it misses some classes such as SwazooSiteScript and other 
very useful tools, available in Steve's version.

Considering that the Swazoo topic got warm this days, and that today 
it's more a jungle than a zoo ;-), we could arrange some efforts to make 
it converge into a single stream of development, at least compatible 
with what already exists in Dolphin.

For example, you can't have Seaside and Spray web services running on 
the same image, because they're incompatible (besides the fact that the 
naming convention of Steve is different to the Sean's one*).

Plus, Dolphin ships with Steve's version, which is appropriate 
considering the existing goodies and packages available, but not the 
best option aiming to a broader audience through Seaside and other 
popular developments that would come.

I leave the topic here, to see if there is enough interest to make it 
happen. I would like to see Sean, Steve, Janko, the OA people, perhaps 
Bruce Badger too, and anybody willing to collaborate at least in 
testing, joining efforts for this.

Best regards,


* Steve: I will be happy to know what SW, SV, and other prefixes mean. :-)

ps: this is a cross-post to c.l.s.d, Swazoo and Seaside mailing lists, 
sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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