[Seaside] Re: [Swazoo-devel] Swazoo versions

Steve Waring swaring at ozemail.com.au
Mon May 29 03:39:37 UTC 2006

I agree that it would be good to converge the multiple versions of 
Swazoo. With Janko now using Dolphin, that should be easier. A Dolphin 
port of Sport would also be handy. Unfortunately I don't have the time 
to work on it, but I would be happy to help, test etc.

Some thoughts:

  - I think it would be better to see a definite resolution of the 
Hyper/Swazoo split before bringing the old Dolphin version up to the 
latest version.

  - Personally I do see Swazoo as being fairly modular ... the two main 
modules being the http server and the resource framework. In the past, I 
have plugged CGI servers and FastCGI servers into the Swazoo resource 
framework, and also used the Swazoo http server with different content 

It sounds like Avi has taken the latter approach with Seaside-Dolphin. 
With the original Seaside-Dolphin port, I did use the Swazoo resource 
framework via #resolveNamespaceResource: ... but the concept of 
namespace resources may not be a part of the latest Swazoo versions.

 > * Steve: I will be happy to know what SW, SV,
 > and other prefixes mean. :-)

I use SV for packages that contain servers that can be deployed as 
executables (both Swazoo based and CGI/FastCGI based).

I use SW as a kind of default namespace, both for packages and classes.

FWIW: When I extended the Dolphin port (from Jerry Bell's original 
work), I was a touch naive and a bit too keen. If I had been a bit more 
restrained, or if I had tried harder to get the changes folded back into 
the VW version, some of this mess would not exist. Live and learn!


 > ps: this is a cross-post to c.l.s.d, Swazoo and
 > Seaside mailing lists, sorry for any inconvenience
 > caused.


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