[Seaside] Re: Kom redirect

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Thu Nov 2 17:08:14 UTC 2006

Yanni Chiu wrote:
> Nevin Pratt wrote:
>> Philippe Marschall wrote:
>>> Can't you just select home as default entry point?
>> It already is.  But that means somebody will need to put
>> "http://www.mylocalhost.com/seaside/home" as the URL in their
>> browser.  If they just put "http://www.mylocalhost.com" in their
>> browser, they get nothing.
> In the newer versions of Seaside (IIRC you're at 2.3, 2.5 or something),
> the config app. has a setting for "default entry point". That's what
> Phillppe is talking about. If you set the default entry point, then
> that's where http://www.mylocalhost.com will take the user.
I don't see "default entry point" as an option. There are items such as:
Base Path
Resource Base Url
Server Hostname

Do you mean one of these?

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