[Seaside] dateInput Question

Ron Teitelbaum Ron at USMedRec.com
Fri Nov 3 14:44:39 UTC 2006

Hi Michel, 

From: Michel Bany [mailto:michel.bany at gmail.com] 
Sent: Friday, November 03, 2006 3:16 AM

> Hi Ron,
> I was wondering if you could help me understand something.
> You do not provide enough background information.
> Are you using Squeak or VW ?
> Are you using SeasideAsynx of Scriptaculous ?

I'm using Squeak and SeasideAsync and Scriptaculous

> Also, the code you are wondering about is using the canvas api.
> However, live callbacks are not implemented (yet) for the canvas api.
> Are you implementing it ?

I'm adding liveCallbackYear to dateInput.

> Did you copy/paste some code into your component ?

Yes I added the following: 

liveCallbackYear: liveBlock
	| uri id |
	liveBlock fixTemps.
	id _ self ensureId.
	uri _ canvas urlForLiveAction: 
		[:event :h | liveBlock
			value: event value
			value: h].
	self session 
				, (id asString, '-year') printString
				, ','
				, (canvas encode: uri asString) printString
				, ')'.

>> I’m trying to understand the following code:
>> canvas hiddenInput
>>                        callback:
>>                                    [value := Date
>>                                                newDay: (day min: (Date 
>> daysInMonth: month forYear: year))
>>                                                monthNumber: month
>>                                                year: year.
>>                                    callbackBlock value: value];
>>                        close.
>>            canvas forgetCurrentBrush.

> The dateInput composite is made up of four html elements
> a select for the month, an input for the day, an input for the year and
> the hidden input, each with a callback. The first three callbacks
> are for collecting the input values. The fourth callback assembles
> the input values into an instance of Date and passes it to
> the component callback.

I can see that it creates the date but what triggers the hiddenInput
callback?  It appears to work without submitting the form.

Thanks for your help!


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