[Seaside] Re: Kom redirect

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Fri Nov 3 20:25:22 UTC 2006

Nevin Pratt wrote:
>>> seasidehosting.st FAQ says:
>>> "To make your application accessible from the root, select it as default
>>> entry point on the Seaside configuration page and set the base-path of
>>> the application to "/". Note that this only works with recent versions
>>> of Seaside."
>>> what is the latest, or exact, version needed for this to work?
>> we are trying to get squeakfoundation pier running and not being able to
>> point it correctly from the seaside application. The version is running
>> is Seaside2.6b1-lr.50.
>> is that sufficient?
>> I've set the items as stated above, but still get the Error: "/" not found.
>> thanks for any help!
>> brad
> I finally just did what I have always done with earlier versions of
> Comanche/Seaside.  I subclassed WAKom and implemented #process: as follows
> process: aRequest
>     aRequest url = '/'
>         ifTrue: [aRequest url: '/seaside/home'].
>     ^ super process: aRequest
> Nevin
so, this appends the '/seaside/home' to every link there after, yes?
Anyway around this?

Alternatively, I'd just like to get the suggestion from the
seasidehosting.st FAQ (above) working. Can anyone help?


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