[Seaside] [RFT] New web project

Jason Johnson jbjohns at libsource.com
Sun Nov 5 20:05:17 UTC 2006

Hello all,

I still have a ways to go on a few of my other projects, but I am close 
enough that I thought it might be a good time to start finding out who 
all would be interested in being involved in a project I want to do.

Rails is getting a fair amount of exposure for being a frame work that 
easily does the CRUD that most web sites need in some form.  Joomla is a 
system that could be built on top of that, but isn't, it's in PHP.  
Joomla looks like the best system out there right now for setting up a 
web 2.0 site from scratch.  You can build the entire thing without doing 
any coding.  And lots of people (I mean *lots* of people) have written 
components for the system, so it can do most anything.

But I think this could all be done in seaside.  And I think once it's in 
seaside it could be more successful.  It is one thing to write 
something, but it is something completely different to maintain it.  I 
can't believe it is easy to maintain a system as big as Joomla in a 
language like PHP.  And any language that doesn't have continuations is 
going to have to either simulate them manually, or do some other ugly 
hack to deal with how HTTP works.  So I think that if the system were 
done in seaside it would be a great deal less code, and therefor easier 
to maintain, extend, etc.

So what I am looking for with this RFT (request for teamates :) ) email 
is, who would be interested in working on a project with this as a 
goal?  The first thing that needs to be done is RoR (Rails) 
functionality needs to be developed in Seaside.  By that I don't mean 
make the system exactly.  I think we can do better: no command line 
stuff, no file editing.  Everything from the browser.  Then after that, 
I think the next thing would be a build up of components.  Something 
that the Joomla-like system can be built out of.  In the end we want 
people to be able to make any kind of site they want, without touching 
code, command lines or anything else more then absolutely necessary.  I 
have one last component to this that I think will be the killer app that 
makes this the system everyone will want, but I'm not going to mention 
that directly on the list (it will be a surprise hopefully :) ).

So... Who else would be interested in being involved in this?  I know 
Warren has expressed interest.  I know a few others have expressed 
interest in seeing it happen. :)  The more people the better, because 
there is a lot of work to be done.  And the sooner the better.


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