[Seaside] How to return input from in external (non-seaside) form to a WAComponent?

Jason Johnson jbjohns at libsource.com
Mon Nov 6 21:07:05 UTC 2006

Chuck Kasmire wrote:
> Thanks. Its a bit of a confusing idea. But this is
> what I am trying to do:
> I have an application that manages an inventory. It
> allows me to open an editor where I can enter a
> description for an item along with other information.
> The users of this application would like to be able to
> have a variety of editors based on the type of item it
> is. For example: if the item is a truck then it would
> have fields appropriate for a truck (engine size, type
> of fuel, turbo, whatever). If it is a pallet of bricks
> then my 'generic' editor will do just fine.
> If I can get someone else to create forms to capture
> the data as they want( in Nvu, etc), then I just have
> to collect that data when the form is submitted and
> enter it into my description. 
> I actually don't want to leave the site. I just
> couldn't see how i could 'insert' the form (in html)
> inside of a Seaside component. That would certainly be
> preferable.
> Does IFrame support this? I am not sure what the
> function of IFrame is.
> -Chuck

An IFrame is a seaside aware html frame.  So you can point to other
sites inside one but still be in your site.  But it sounds like what you
actually would want here would be Magritte.  With that system you make
the model of your data, Truck in your example, and then some description
of what the parts mean and then it will display in the browser in a way
that lets someone create instances from that.

Hope this helps,

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