[Seaside] wrong host/portno when using virtual hosting in Apache2

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Tue Nov 7 03:57:46 UTC 2006

I have Apache2 set up to proxy a Seaside image
on another machine (engine1:9191). I access the
application using something like "abc.com/seaside/app1".
When looking at the page using view source of
Firefox, I see that I get a mixture of URLs,
where some are "abc.com", and some are
"engine1.com:9191". All the Seaside toolbar links,
and the AJAX links have the wrong "engine1" name.

The links work, but the AJAX stuff does not.
I'm wondering whether this might be the cause.

I'm currently developing on old versions:


Does this behaviour look familiar to anyone?
Is it fixed in later revisions?

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