[Seaside] [ANN] new Seaside feature

Ron Teitelbaum Ron at USMedRec.com
Tue Nov 7 14:40:41 UTC 2006


That's terrific, and a very nice addition!  Thanks for doing it.


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> Hi
> Have you ever wondered which method renders a certain html element?
> What will happen if you click a certain link? Now you now longer have
> to guess and search:
> - load Seaside2.7a1-lr.118 or some later version that bases on it
> - make sure your application has the developer toolbar on
> - toggle the halos on
> - go to pretty print mode by clicking on the s-link either for the root
> component or some subcomponent
> - find the element you are interested in
> - click on its name
> - a debugger is opened in the image where the element is rendered, you
> have to go up in the stack to find be in the rendering method. In
> Seaside2.7a1-lr.113 a browser was opened and showed the method that
> rendered this element.
> Have fun
> Philippe
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