[Seaside] Re: Kom redirect

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Wed Nov 8 01:31:39 UTC 2006

Brad Fuller wrote:
> seasidehosting.st FAQ says:
> "To make your application accessible from the root, select it as default
> entry point on the Seaside configuration page and set the base-path of
> the application to "/". Note that this only works with recent versions
> of Seaside."
> what is the latest, or exact, version needed for this to work?

There seems to a few additional steps besides setting the 'default entry
point' and the 'base-path', as mentioned in the seasidehosting FAQ. I'm
just reporting what Ken has found and changed. Perhaps the following
method change should be considered for the generic Pier image:

Change PRPierMain to:

structureFrom: aRequest
    | path |
    path := aRequest url findTokens: $/.
    path ifNotEmpty: [
        path removeFirst = self dispatcher name
            ifFalse: [ self error: 'Invalid Seaside dispatcher
configuration' ]].
    (path notEmpty
        and: [ path first = self application name
        or: [ path first = (self dispatcher entryPoints keyAtValue: self
application ifAbsent: [ nil ]) ] ])
            ifTrue: [ path removeFirst ].
    path := path
        inject: String new
        into: [ :result :each | result , '/' , each ].
    ^ PRPathLookup
        start: self kernel root path: path
        onError: [ self kernel root ]

To start the service:

h := (HttpService on: 80 named: 'seaside')
    plug: (WAKom entryPoint:
            (WADispatcher default basePath: '')).
h start.

To stop the service:

(HttpService servicesNamed: 'seaside') do: [ :s | s stop ]

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