[Seaside] Automatic DTD verification

Damien Cassou damien.cassou at laposte.net
Wed Nov 8 07:51:07 UTC 2006


I wonder if it would be possible for Seaside to verify when it renders 
html, that this html is valid XHTML ? For example, 'p' can't contain 
block elements (like 'p' itself). Another example comes with attributes, 
some are required and it would be interesting that Seaside display a 
warning when you forget something.

There are two approaches I think:

- each tag knows what it requires and what it accepts as subtags. When 
Seaside close a tag, the tag can verify that all requirement are 
fulfilled. This can be difficult to implement and long.
- a DTD parser (or Relax NG or XML Schema) would verify at the end of 
the rendering that the xhtml generated is valid. It might be simple to 
implement, and can be provided in a separate package.

What do you think ?

Damien Cassou

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