[Seaside] Masking controls in Scriptaculous

Joseph Blatter josephblatter62 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 8 18:58:57 UTC 2006

hello list.
i was using the autocompleter and trying to limit the characters typed in the input box when there's no match, i.e. if I have the Smalltalk collection of classes and type "Ord", the autocompleter display 


but if i type "Orda", i would like to make impossible to type last letter "a", since there's no Smalltalk standard class which begins with "Orda". I want the SUAutocompleter to perform this kind of masking from the input of the user. I can use a selection list (select tag) with the predefined values, but don't want to preload all these values as my selection list can have too many items and the autocompleter let me customize this preloading a limited number of items.

i wonder if this is possible with Scriptaculous. 

best regards

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