[Seaside] [RFT] New web project

Jason Johnson jbjohns at libsource.com
Thu Nov 9 07:00:14 UTC 2006

Darius Clarke wrote:
> Ummm. I don't see the Web 2.0 in Joomla.

Joomla, per se, isn't my web 2.0 goal.  But right now smalltalk is 
almost no where in this field.  It has seaside as, in my oppinion, the 
best base out there.  But it is a base.  To do anything with it your 
going to be writing code.  This is fine for coders, but most of the 
internet are not coders, and therefor that part (the biggest part) of 
the audience is cut off.

I know Joomla isn't the end all and be all, but it puts smalltalk in the 
game with a system that anyone can use.  And my goal is to build a 
really nice frame work that will let us build anything.  Keep in mind 
Joomla is just a web application.  My goal here is to build a flexable, 
extendible, easy to use web frame work, and one application to, well 
market it. :) 
> I don't see how Joomla makes it easier to integrate/digest content 
> from other web sites (XML & API calls, etc.).

Are you sure you know what Joomla is?  It is a web application that lets 
one import components written by other people to impliment new 
functionality.  If many people care about this feature, then there is a 
component for it.  If there isn't a component then it must not be that 
important to enough people.
> I don't see how Joomla becomes an application generation platform 
> (like Rails).
See above.
> Wouldn't your effort duplicate what Pier & Margarete do?
My effort would be much much more then Pier.  Pier is a minimal CMS.  
But the fact is, I intend to use Magritte and probably Pier (at least at 
first).  I expected to use Magritte as our "RoR Scaffold" level.
> Avi is moving away from continuations toward persistence contained in 
> the AJAX client layer.
> Check his blog. http://smallthought.com/avi/?p=14
> Same as what Gilad Bracha 
> <http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/gbracha?entry=will_continuations_continue> 
> said.
I'm aware Avi wants to move away from continuations.  But he wants to do 
that just to be compatible with other smalltalks.  That doesn't have 
much to do with what I'm doing.  If future versions of seaside change in 
a way that breaks us we will just stay with this branch.  Just because 
he makes a new one doesn't mean we can't still use and develop this 
one.  Compatibility with all smalltalks is not a concern of mine at the 


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