[Seaside] [RFT] New web project

Jason Johnson jbjohns at libsource.com
Thu Nov 9 20:11:32 UTC 2006

William Harford wrote:
> Jason,
> I would personally like to see something Morphic like for the web.
> It would be super cool if we could define the interface and some 
> behaviors via direct manipulation and then fill in the blanks with 
> some code.
I'm not sure what you mean with this part, but we can discuss it.

> Another idea: Most CRUD frameworks are heavily biased on relational 
> models. It would be nice if there was a CRUD framework that took a 
> more Object orientated tree biased approach.
Well, what I wanted to do was make a "RoR Scaffold" type layer, probably 
from Magritte, to handle data interaction.  I want the actual data back 
end to be transparent to users of this Magritte-db layer.  It doesn't 
matter if the data is stored in ODBMS, RDBMS, a flat text file, Excel 
files, some code component, etc. etc.

But as far as how it behaves, I'm not sure what you mean about the OO 
tree biased.  Do you mean hierarchical?  My data tends to be relational 
(or my mind arranges it this way at least), and from what I have seen I 
think most groups out there are the same.  So I would want a low cost of 
entry for relational folks.  But we can talk about this.  What you mean, 
how would it work, how does it make life easier for users, what are the 
costs when we're talking to an existing relational back end, etc.
> Direct manipulation development is something that has only barely been 
> explored with desktop applications and has seen almost no 
> experimentation/implementation on the web front.
I'm interested in hearing more about this.  I had a plan for how the 
view part would be done, maybe it will fit well with what your talking 
> Thanks
> Will
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