[Seaside] Accessing PostgresSQL or MySQL with Squeak

Chang Sau Sheong cssheong at pacific.net.sg
Fri Nov 10 15:18:13 UTC 2006


I'm quite new in Smalltalk and Squeak (a few days only) though I've been
doing Java and Ruby for some time now. One of the things I wanted to do
is to try to access to a relational DB through Squeak, either
PostgresSQL or MySQL. I've tried the following:

1. Jim Maynard's Squeak-PosgresSQL client -- can't seem to connect
2. Yanni Chiu's PostgreSQL Client for Squeak -- downloaded it but not
sure how to use it
3. MySQL driver at http://squeak.reider.net/mysql/ -- throws an error
requesting me to change my MySQL client (I'm using MySQL Server 4.1 though)

Anyone from this list can help? I'm planning to write a comprehensive
tutorial on how to create a simple web application using Seaside and
Squeak, and if possible a relational database. I found that there is
really a lack of such a tutorial for someone who is not from a
Smalltalk/Squeak background and I would like to contribute such a
tutorial. However I'm stuck myself on the relational database part,
would appreciate help here. Thanks!

CHANG Sau Sheong

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