[Seaside] Re: Accessing PostgresSQL or MySQL with Squeak

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Fri Nov 10 21:09:51 UTC 2006

Chang Sau Sheong wrote:
> Thks! I guess my main problem is that I am really very new to Squeak and
> Smalltalk, and even accessing basic functions took me some time. I'm
> still paddling very hard!

I've added a package called SimpleSeasidePostgresExample,
to the postgres repository on squeaksource.com.

Try this link:


and click on the "Wiki" link. I've written a quick start
guide to getting a postgres backed Seaside app. If you're
new to Squeak/Seaside, you'll have to find other resources
to get you up to speed on those.

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