[Seaside] Accessing PostgresSQL or MySQL with Squeak

Ron Teitelbaum Ron at USMedRec.com
Mon Nov 13 13:52:14 UTC 2006

Hi Sau Sheong, 

I am using the postgresV2 client.  I had to make one change to get it to

On the method 

PGConnection > execute: sqlString 

Add the following line at the top.

sqlString ifEmpty: [^nil]. 

You can find the client on squeakMap, and I believe on www.squeakSource.com 

I'm using Glorp as the mapping software between smalltalk and the database.
Glorp was written by the same guys that did TopLink, and it's really good,
although there are a few gotchas.  (But there are still some gotchas in
PostGreSQL :) 

If you need some help getting it working let me know, it works great with

I just added a zipcode lookup that is really cool, and it only took a few
minutes to get it working!  I'm still amazed at how nicely seaside, the
async stuff, glorp and postgres all work together, it is too cool!

Ron Teitelbaum
President / Principal Software Engineer
US Medical Record Specialists
Ron at USMedRec.com 

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> Hi,
> I'm quite new in Smalltalk and Squeak (a few days only) though I've been
> doing Java and Ruby for some time now. One of the things I wanted to do
> is to try to access to a relational DB through Squeak, either
> PostgresSQL or MySQL. I've tried the following:
> 1. Jim Maynard's Squeak-PosgresSQL client -- can't seem to connect
> 2. Yanni Chiu's PostgreSQL Client for Squeak -- downloaded it but not
> sure how to use it
> 3. MySQL driver at http://squeak.reider.net/mysql/ -- throws an error
> requesting me to change my MySQL client (I'm using MySQL Server 4.1
> though)
> Anyone from this list can help? I'm planning to write a comprehensive
> tutorial on how to create a simple web application using Seaside and
> Squeak, and if possible a relational database. I found that there is
> really a lack of such a tutorial for someone who is not from a
> Smalltalk/Squeak background and I would like to contribute such a
> tutorial. However I'm stuck myself on the relational database part,
> would appreciate help here. Thanks!
> --
> CHANG Sau Sheong
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