[Seaside] [VW7.4.1] The page cannot be displayed

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Wed Nov 15 17:30:54 UTC 2006


Just a couple of notes that may or may not be relevant. First, I'd
actually discovered the same issue you did, but in a different context
and the changes have been intergrated into the most recent 7.5 build (AR

<quote vwnc>
Attached are two changes to add space after $: in the HTTP headers. I
realize that HTTP (1.0/1.1) RFCs allow for no separator between header
name and value, but I recently came across two tools that fail to parse
headers that do not include the space, specifically Webserver Stress
Tool 7 from Paessler and Charles Web Debugging Tool. For instance the
stress tool would re-send the cookie without the first character,
resulting in an endless loop when wave would keep on creating new
sessions every time since cookie name didn't match
</quote vwnc>

Unfortunately, I don't think this solved my original problem with IE,
which was intermitted failures (easy to simulate by clicking on links
really fast, it would eventually just show you an empty page), but you
never know.

Hope this helps,


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> I'm very glad to hear that people are paying some attention 
> to this issue. 
> Thanks!


I believe I found the reason for this issue.

It looks as if MSIE does not like an HTTP header with no
space after the colon while WebToolkit does not output any.
I see this as a bug in MSIE since RFC 2822 specifies that
spaces after the colon are optional (page 46). The same bug
exists also in IE7.

I was not curious enough to determine which header exactly
was affected, so I created two patches to WebToolkit to make
sure that a space is inserted after the colon in all headers.

The patches are available on the public store as part of package
WebToolkit/Patches 2.6b1.118.1. You can either load the
patches from the package, load the package itself into your
image or rebuild a new image by loading SeasideForWebToolkit.

I hope these patches will fix the issue for you.

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