[Seaside] Re: Preparing a Seaside Squeak application for Production

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Thu Nov 16 21:50:54 UTC 2006

Adrian Lienhard wrote:
> On Nov 16, 2006, at 21:50 , Yanni Chiu wrote:
>> I mostly see the CPU usage at 49%, and sometimes at 99%.
>> When things are stable, the usage is 8%.
> Which version of the image are you running?
> Have you checked what Squeak is doing (->Process browser)? Maybe the  
> weak array finalization process is taking up all the cycles...

I tried the hint from Lukas on the other half of
this thread on the squeak-dev list - close windows
and remove flaps.

So, I closed the Transcript in my current project,
opened a new Morphic project, entered it, then
turned off the flaps. I did the above via VNC, then
I did a save image (the image was last saved from
a Windows system - I'm not sure whether this would make
image startup faster, or would affect CPU usage).

Now, the response is snappy, and the squeak process
doesn't even show up on the "top" list (in fact,
sshd is at the top with 0.3%).

Thanks all 'round.

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