[Seaside] liveCallback and SUAutocompleter

Burella Juan M. juan.burella at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 18:50:35 UTC 2006

Hi, I have a problem with Scriptaculous and SeasideAsync. I have a
liveCalback ( on a select tag ) when gets evaluated it shows a
SUAutocompleterTest instance. Then when I select an item, all components are
gone except the SUAutocompleterTest. On the other hand, if I switch/replace
the SUAutocompleterTest and render another component it works fine.
I´ve attached an example to reproduce the behavior.
Any ideas?

    aRenderer select
                    list: #(one two);
                    selected: #one;
                    callback:[:f | ];
                    liveCallback: [:anObject :h | h div id: 'xxlive';with: [
                                anObject = #two ifTrue: [ h render:
component "a SUAutocompleterTest instance"]]
    aRenderer div id: 'xxlive';with: ''

- I add SULibrary and WAAsyncScripts libraries
- I'm using Squeak3.8/Seaside2.7a1-mb.155/SeasideAsync-mb.48.

Juan Matias.
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