[Seaside] How to do an email confirmation?

Norbert Hartl ruediger at selfish.org
Sat Nov 18 01:15:36 UTC 2006

        I'm trying to implement some sort of email confirmation. 
        The application should do the following:
        - display a form where a user can input his email address
        - send an email to the email address containing a link
          for confirmation
        - when this link is clicked do some operations and redirect
          afterwards to the default component/entry point in a special
        I have a HomeComponent which displays the form, generates
        a key and an url and puts this together into an email 
        and sends it. From the point of clicking the link in
        the email I've no glue how to accomplish the following
        I tried it with WAEntryPoint registered under a different
        url. So I could do some actions. But I have to come back
        to the default application. A simple redirect isn't
        sufficient as I have the need to pass some parameters to
        the default component (to activate a certain sub-component
        of the HomeComponent). 
        Are there any best practices to do this kind of a task? 
        thanks in advance,

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