[Seaside] Embedded forms

Ron Teitelbaum Ron at USMedRec.com
Sat Nov 18 22:14:40 UTC 2006

Hi Michel,

You know I saw that earlier but forgot all about it.  I'd loaded up your
stuff before but I think I unloaded it as a way to trying and debug the
nbsp; problem earlier.  I'll take a look!  



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> > It appears that if I render a component that has a form inside it onto
> > another form that buttons for the main form only work above the
> > embedded
> > component.
> >
> Ron,
> As a Seaside application is getting more complex, I noticed that it gets
> hurt with two typical unanticipated issues that break XHTML compliance
> - nested forms
> - duplicate id.
> That's why I created the package named SeasideAssistants.
> Below, I am supplying the package description in VW.
> Michel.
> Among other things, proper compliance to XHTML implies
> (1) Form tags are not be nested,
> (2) The id attribute values are unique.
> The later is especially important when using AJAX techniques where it
> is critical for the Javascript functions to uniquely identify the XML
> elements that are manipulated.
> In complex constructs that are using many nested components generated
> by many different rendering methods from many different classes, it
> may be difficult to ensure XHTML compliance. As a consequence, nested
> form tags or duplicate id attribute values are likely to occur.
> This package slightly modifies Seaside so that nested form tags and
> duplicate id attribute values are producing an error. This makes it
> possible to immediately and precisely spot where to look in the
> Seaside application.
> The exact behavior is decided in the following methods :
> 	#shouldRaiseDuplicateCssIdErrors
> 	#shouldRaiseNestedFormErrors
> 	#shouldSilentlyDiscardNestedForms
> These methods are available in classes WAHtmlRenderer and
> WARenderCanvas.
> When this package is loaded the default behavior is the following:
> (1) Duplicate id attribute values are allowed
> (#shouldRaiseDuplicateCssIdErrors answers false)
> (2) Nested form tags are allowed (#shouldRaiseNestedFormErrors
> answers false)
> (3) Nested form tags are silently discarded
> (#shouldSilentlyDiscardNestedForms answers true)
> This default behavior ensures that an existing Seaside application
> does not break.
> To enable a different behavior, there are two possibilities.
> (1) Modifies any of the six methods listed above
> (2) Subclass WAHtmlRenderer or WARenderCanvas and re-implement
> methods as needed
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