[Seaside] Re: liveCallback and SUAutocompleter

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 08:32:10 UTC 2006

> > The only thing I found out was that a script that has the & encoded as
> > &amp; doesn't work within a <script>,
> This is really strange.

Yes, agreed. Feel free to try it out yourself.

> > but does within an attribute
> > value. JavaScript code only works in a <script> when the contents is
> > not encoded, but this turns the XHTML invalid if the contents is not
> > within a CDATA construct. The CDATA construct should not harm any
> > browser that does not understand it, so what is your aversion against
> > it except that you don't like it?
> CDATA is not part of HTML. It's part of XML and we serve as text/html
> which means it gets treated as HTML. It's just plain wrong.

So what? Luckily there is a Javascript comment around the CDATA so
non-xml parsers still handle it properly. Maybe then the mime-type of
responses should be changed to text/xml, this would be more consistent

> Second, it breaks as soon as somewhere in a script is ']]>' lets say
> for XML parsing or whatever. For the person this happens this will
> mean real pain. It's not a solution, it just appears to works in some
> cases.

Please find a better solution that works instead of only complaining.


Lukas Renggli

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