[Seaside] embedding a MewaEditorVisior

Patty Gadegast peppermint-p at web.de
Wed Nov 22 19:16:36 UTC 2006


am using the Mewa framework within my application.

I want to embed am MWEditorVisistor in my Edior component.
My editor component shows above the current state of the model and under 
this the EditorVisitor is rendered (two components are embedded). But my 
data model is not updated, because the update action is not called. If 
something is typed in the EditorVisitor and the save button is pressed, 
nothing happens of cause. At this moment somebody should catch the 
returned object (like it is done in the MewaExample), but nobody does 
this yet.

my rendering method contains only:

    html render: addEditor. "addEditor is a MWEditorVisitor with a model"

the addEditor is defined in the initializeMethod:
    newObject := Object new.
    addEditor := (MWEditorVisitor model: newObject)

How does my editor notices that the save action is done in my Editor 
visitor. I think I need to apply an action but I don't know how. And is 
this way to embed the EditorVisistor right anyway?


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