[Seaside] RE: [Scriptaculous] Conditional drag?

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Mon Nov 27 23:47:35 UTC 2006

Oh well, I'll just have it the way it is for now. Thanks!


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Subject: Re: [Scriptaculous] Conditional drag?

> I was wondering (but couldn't find any examples) if its possible to
> configure sortable to allow dragging of all elements except last  
> one. I
> need to ensure that at least one remains in the list. Is there a  
> generic pattern for such things?

I don't see a solution out of the box. Maybe ask google if anybody  
did something like that?

I learned in the past is that Sortables are only useful for very  
basic lists. Unfortunately their limit in form of performance,  
features and usability is reachable very soon. For a commercial  
project I found myself implementing sortable lists already several  
times, as I could not make the shipped one behave exactly the way I  


Lukas Renggli

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