[Seaside] CSS URLs

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 10:35:42 UTC 2006

2006/10/4, Michel Bany <michel.bany at gmail.com>:
> Hi Ron,
> > To do this I would need to be able to support a URL in css.  I've
> > got this
> > working "IF" I translate the url to a seaside url.
> I have done something similar in VW as part of parcel
> "SeasideWebDesignerTool".
> The idea is to use a subclass of WARequestHandler that is designed to
> serve
> graphic files. This subclass is named WAPictureServer and is registered
> as 'images' in the default dispatcher. As a result, any url in the form
> /seaside/images/foo/bar/... is dispatched to this handler via
> #handleRequest:
> The corresponding method delegates the request handling to an instance
> of WAPictureHandler. It parses the url like that :
>         /seaside/images/AAA/BBB.CCC
> where
> AAA is the name of a class
> BBB is the name of an annotated method that answers a byte array
> .CCC is optional and ignored
> Typically, AAA is a subclass of WAStyleLibrary and method BBB is
> annotated like this :
> bg
>         <objectNamed: 'bg.gif'
>                 contentType: 'image/gif'
>                 uploadDate: 'April 13, 2005 12:00:00.002'
>                 creationDate: 'April 13, 2005 12:00:00.003'
>                 modificationDate: 'April 13, 2005 12:00:00.004'
>                 by: 'Douglas Bowman'>
>         ^ ByteArray fromPackedString:
> 'Q4%FNC%!E@@- at LP@@M7#5]/!4?;>?/K4;.[)8M+ 4/3<?OW7</''9=>+-9NC$5.W
> (7.;1:.70:^?2:>K%6/#8=/_7=_O5<N'',8?+:>O/;>>/.97]&U^O&6>S''7_7=?^3/:NG
> $6_G3;.C#6N#+8"G9A@@@@@@@K@@@@@@T at B4@@@W XBFNYF&^JA&,[N.>\B3OK&C_^J;/
> _N?''"*A0RB0ZO\"$D&%T\I;P:OMA+U*/U8162>56L>B0^C1^&L?(]I*0XK/[!K!<S*?
> [;?#8Y?>Y>O>@ XDI!HVF!8"I" $V#AZO$IFR$!.U%)^XF06[''I6^'' 2!(*N$)
> ZHN*J&**:,C+*>0,[D]-KV4,*:6.K.1D+:?0LGAA<SE1,_H2\+FD\7N3=CPDMOT5]
> [VBM''Z6=3]7-?[ENK#9NW%E^#):./+A.;/<OG2<?S0F/_8>_+:@/7>?0 at CB!1H,BC at B0
> SJ%28L at P@N0 at a'
> The above sample answers a ByteArray built from a constant. It could
> also answer a Byte Array read from a file and cached.
> With the above in place you can now have things like this in your css:
>         url("/seaside/images/SlidingDoors/bg.gif")
> Not sure if this has been done in Squeak.

FileLibrary does something very similar.

- doesn't use pragmas, so it works with 3.7 and 3.8
- file extension is part of the filename
- mimetype is guessed from the file extension
- no other metadata
- classname is ignored
- non-text content is stored either in a array literal (and cached) or
bytearray literal


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