[Seaside] [FIX] for FileManagerLibrary Upload on IE 6.0

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 18:44:05 UTC 2006

2006/10/4, Ron Teitelbaum <Ron at usmedrec.com>:
> 0005172: [FIX] FileManagerLibrary Upload File From IE 6.0
> http://bugs.impara.de/view.php?id=5172
> Hi Philippe,
> There was an error in upload of FileManagerLibrary for
> 3.9[7051]-winXP-IE6.0.  See link above.

Thank you for reporting. I'm trying to understand to issue. If I
understood correctly

IE delivers file names that look like this:
'c:\temp\afile.txt' (full Windows path)
Whereas 'the rest' delivers file names that look like this:
'afile.txt' (path is missing)

Now FileDirectory on Windows (or it's subclass) can't deal with file
names that are not a full path.

Is that correct so far?

Unfortunately if I do
(FileDirectory on: 'c:\temp\afile.txt') localName
on a linux box the answer is:

This works only on Windows where the file separator is '\'.

I refactored the code a bit to do conversion to local names only when
needed and committed it as:
I hope this works for you.


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