[Seaside] LoginComponent as Subcomponent

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 18:23:28 UTC 2006

2006/10/5, seaside_list at objektfabrik.de <seaside_list at objektfabrik.de>:
> Hi,
> Maybe someone can help me...
> I have a root component in my app with a banner and toolbar, navigation and working area subcomponents. Toolbar and navigation area change contents dependent on session state, and the working area is where all
> the nice forms for the user are being displayed.
> Now I want to have some components to only show up if a user is logged on and has been authenticated. I have found how to do this in a tutorial by Roger Whitney. He suggests using a special session class (which I already do for other reasons) and use the code below to ensure the login component is always being called by the session if no user is logged on:
> MySession>>#user
>    user ifNil: [self loginUser].
>    ^user
> MySession>>#loginUser
>    ^user := self mainClass new call: SeasideLogin new
> (for the full tutorial look here: http://www.eli.sdsu.edu/courses/fall04/cs683/notes/seasideLogin/seasideLogin.html)
> My problem is that this code makes the login component (SeasideLogin) the only component in my browser, that replaces the root component.
> I'd like to let my current working area component to be replaced by the login component, just as if the current component in the working area had done a call: .
> How can I achieve this?

Make a call on the working area.

> I tried the following:
> I added an inst var for the current rootComponent for the session.
> I subclassed WARenderLoopMain and overrode #createRoot to not create a new instance of the rootComponent but gets the session's instance and has its working area's subcomponent call: the login component.
> At first, this looks good: the loginComponent only occupied the working area. But the #answer: of the loginComponent does not return to where I thought it should, and the loginComponent stays in the working area forver. If it had been call:ed by the component that was in place before, it would have delegated back.
> The only idea I have now is that I could create a new common superclass for all my components that can possibly appear in the working area and implement a #login method that does the call:. But this would mean that subcomponents need to know more about their environment than I think would be good.

What about a common baseclass for all components that conatian


renderOn: html
    self isVisible ifTrue: [ super renderOn: html ]

for components that need login add:

    ^self session isLoggedIn

and then somewhere in the navigation or menu

    html anchor
        callback: [ self  workingArea call: LoginCopnent new ]


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