[Seaside] Can I do this with a select list?

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Fri Oct 6 06:10:08 UTC 2006

Keith Hodges wrote:
> Rick
> so your example would be something like this
> html select
>    list: catCollection;
>    selected: catCollection first;
>    labels: (catCollection collect: [ :item | item name ]);
>    callback: [ :item | self cat: item ];
>    yourself.

Thanks Keith!

I tried it and it died as I thought it might in the following place:

Seaside.WASelectTag>>labels: aBlock
	labelsBlock := aBlock fixTemps.

Array(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #fixTemps

I looked around in the code for fixTemps and both places seem to be 
place holders only.. Did I miss something?

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