[Seaside] Albatross: Seaside scenario testing

Andrea Brühlmann bruehlmannandrea at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 7 15:44:20 UTC 2006


I have developed a framework to quickly write scenario tests for Seaside 
applications. Albatross lets you write SUnit tests that run a Seaside 
component in an external web browser and simulate user interactions. It 
provides access to the running and rendered component and at the same time 
to the model of your application. You do not need to think about html tags 
or ids and names, because Albatross has cleverer ways to find out what you 
want to do. It finds form fields just by the corresponding label text or 
clicks on links by the displayed link text. It supports Javascript/Ajax 
testing because it really runs the application in the default web browser of 
your computer. You can write tests like the following:

browser enter: 'Jack' for: 'Username';
    enter:'grml78sh' for 'Password';
self assert: (
    browser textExists: 'Successfully logged in').

Download Albatross as a monticello package from 

    * Seaside
    * FFI (from SqueakMap. Required for Squeak >=3.9)
    * AppleScript (required for MacOS. From 
http://abrue.ab.funpic.de/albatross/Mac-Applescript.st (SM version with 
    * ExternalWebBrowser (from SqueakMap)
    * Albatross (from http://squeaksource.com/Albatross)

There is a demo test for Pier in the Albatross package that will show you 
how to write tests. You can run the demo test (APierTest) if you have 
downloaded Pier.


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