[Seaside] Dev toolbar in IE

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Mon Oct 9 10:12:11 UTC 2006

yes and testing is boring !!! because CSS dosn't respond the same in ie ...

do you know if there are advices, workaround, things to do so as to have 
a compatible design in ie and in all the other browser that respect W3C 
norms. The position relative of div is not working well for instance in 
ie. It seems it positions it outside of the containing div.

so if someone has a pointer that explain how to keep css design 
compatible with all browser, I'll apreciate
> This is in development only though, and I tend to side with Philippe, no
> serious web developer is using IE for anything other than testing, where
> the toolbar is disabled anyhow :)
> -Boris


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