[Seaside] Albatross: Seaside scenario testing

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Mon Oct 9 15:08:33 UTC 2006

> Hi,
> I have developed a framework to quickly write scenario tests 
> for Seaside applications. Albatross lets you write SUnit 
> tests that run a Seaside component in an external web browser 
> and simulate user interactions. It provides access to the 
> running and rendered component and at the same time to the 
> model of your application. You do not need to think about 
> html tags or ids and names, because Albatross has cleverer 
> ways to find out what you want to do. It finds form fields 
> just by the corresponding label text or clicks on links by 
> the displayed link text. It supports Javascript/Ajax testing 
> because it really runs the application in the default web 
> browser of your computer. You can write tests like the following:

Sweet!  I use Ruby Watir for this task at the moment, it'll be nice to be
able to use Smalltalk instead.  I don't really have time to test it at the
moment, but when I do, I'll report back on any issues, this will be a great

Ramón León
http://onsmalltalk.com  e

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