[Seaside] Question about div

Ramon Leon ramonleon at cox.net
Wed Oct 11 05:58:38 UTC 2006

>> Ah, I use very few built in components, nor the old render.  In fact, 
>> I only
>> use the pager, and a custom subclass of it at that.  Most of the stuff 
>> I do
>> relies heavily on script.aculo.us to do any real work, and YUI for 
>> widgets,
>> the seaside ones are just too plain.
> Anything to share for the YUI widgets? How did you integrate them? Do
> they work together with script.aculo.us?
> Lukas

LOL, I don't have your energy, when I say I use the YUI widgets, I mean 
just a few... I don't port entire libraries like you. :)

However, I use the calendar, and the dialog class, and they seem well 
built and quite configurable.  Everything's factored into a few reusable 
javascript libraries.  Each widget having various dependencies on 
different parts of those core libraries and a few css files to skin it.

I haven't had a single computability problem with prototype, 
script.aculo.us, google maps, or anything really.  I use em all and so 
far it's been seamless.  I've been rather lazy so far; When I want to 
use a component, I simply wrap it in a WAComponent, and make the bare 
minimum parameters configurable, to get the widget up and running.  I 
only have one main project I'm using them in, so I don't bother making 
them truly reusable and wrapping them totally like you did with 

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