Some SM tricks (was Re: [Seaside] SeasideInstaller into 3.7)

goran at goran at
Wed Oct 11 07:34:12 UTC 2006


Keith Hodges <keith_hodges at> wrote:
> SeasideInstaller-lr.9 says "probably also 3.7"
> I tried and got "could not resolve host" or words to 
> that effect. - that is Stephen Pair's old site which seems to be gone
now. Checking SM to see what packages he has:
I thought the interesting packages there were now hosted on other URLs,
like those I co-maintain for example (DynamicBindings, KomHttpServer,
VersionNumber and perhaps one or two more) which are hosted on these days.

Ok, let's do some SM magic, first open a Transcript, and then explore

| problemReleases |
problemReleases _ (SMSqueakMap default packages gather: [:p | p
releases]) select: [:r |
					('*advantive*' match: r downloadUrl) and: [r package lastRelease ==
problemReleases collect: [:r |
	(r download; contents) asString]

We gather the releases with urls matching the now missing,
but only those that also are the *last* release for that package, then
we tell each release to "download" (which will inevitably fall back to
the server cache - see transcript output to that effect) and we finally
collect all "contents" asString.

Exploring this we can easily see that 5 of those releases have "bad"
server side cache contents:

	MiniTrats, SystemTracer2, ssp, LargeCollections and BerkeleyDB

Now, I doubt the SeasideInstaller uses those :). So except for looking
at the installer itself :) :), I hope this was an interesting

And yes, in order to recover the above 5 "lost" packages we need to
either contact Stephen or dig them up out of other people's SM caches
and put the correct files on the server side cache. And typically change
the download URLs too of course. :)

regards, Göran

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