[Seaside] Multilingual Website (Euro & Asian languages)

Sébastien Rocca-Serra sebastien.roccaserra at f4-group.com
Thu Oct 12 14:50:49 UTC 2006

Hi, I'm currently developping a multilingual Seaside website.
I have already implemented several Euro languages, but I need to add
some Asian languages as well.

The trouble is that when I paste some Asian text in Squeak, it shows up
like this: '????' (i.e. a series of question marks).
Both in Squeak and then in the Web browser if I render it on a WAComponent.

Note - I'm using:
- Squeak 3.9
- Seaside 2.6
- the LanguageEditor
- on Windows & Linux.

How can I solve this ?
By the way, is there a 'search' function in the Squeak mailing lists ?

Thanks !

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