[Seaside] scriptaculous - updater

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Thu Oct 12 18:28:25 UTC 2006

Ramon Leon a écrit :
>> Hi again
>> (1) I use an periodical that displays the time in the banner (always
>> present) on my app and It seems to me the presence of this 
>> periodical avoid expiration of session ? Am I right ?
> Yes.
ok... can be useful... like in my case but maybe not for others... I 
imagine the session are expiring as soon as the web page is closed ?
> Simple fix....
> html anchor
>     onClick: (html updater
>                 id: 'content';
>                 evalScripts: true;
>                 on: #renderContent2On: of: self);
>     with: 'live refresh'.
> By default, newly rendered JavaScript from an update, isn't evaluated.
cool !
I finaly understand what is the purpose of evalScripts... :)

I also aften see #return: in scriptaculous code (updater and evaluator).
Can you explain me the purpose of it... in an example if possible...

Thanks for all


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