[Seaside] [Scriptaculous] - Combining #onClick: on a tag

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Fri Oct 13 13:06:38 UTC 2006

> Basically JavaScript executes one statement after the other, so if you 
> have
>   ... onClick: 'alert("1");alert("2")'
> you get one message box after the other, not all at once ;-)
> Now, it might depend what you actually do within your statements. In
> the context of [Scriptaculous] you probably mean something like ...
>   ... onClick: (html update id: 'id1'; callback: [ ... ]) , (html
> update id: 'id2'; callback: [ ... ])
yes !

actually, I was doing:
onClick: (html update id: 'id1'; callback: [ ... ]);
onClick: (html update id: 'id2'; callback: [ ... ]);

I like better to concatenate the SUStreams...

What I'm triing to do is (in this case):
- I have a tree that allows to select categories.
- I have a list of instances, and this list is updated according to the 
selected categories.

When I click on the label of the tree node, both the node is updated and 
the list. What is strange is that it is working sometimes and sometimes 
not (I have to click a second time on the label so as to update the 

**actually I just solved the problem...**  I had to specify    self 
selected: aNode   in the 2nd callbacks...

SUTree>>renderNodeLabel: aNode on: html

    html span
        class: 'label' ;
        with: [(self canSelect: aNode)
                ifTrue: [ html span
                            class: ((self selected == aNode) ifTrue: 
                            with: [html anchor
                                     ((html updater)
                                        id: treeDiv;
                                        evalScripts: true;  "not sure 
important here..."
                                        callback: [:rend | self 
selected: aNode . self renderTreeOn: rend ]),
                                    ((html updater)
                                        id: answerDiv;
                                        evalScripts: true;
                                        callback: [:rend | ****self 
selected: aNode*****.    "I added self selected: aNode here   whereas I 
first thought it will be done because of the first callback"
                                                selectBlock value: aNode.
renderTreeAnswerOn: rend]);
                                                text: self labelOf: aNode]]
                ifFalse: [html render: self labelOf: aNode]]

> The updaters for id1 and id2 immediately return as the updater itself
> is run asynchronously (the first A in AJAX). If you want you can
> change that with some setting in SUAjax. The same is true for
> SUEffect.
After some more experiments, I have another solution... with   
#asynchronous:   (SUAjax)

             (html updater
                  id: treeDiv;
                  asynchronous: false;   "so it's synchronous (?), and 
then the callback is evaluated in first place. Am I right ?"
                  evalScripts: true;

then I can remove the duplicated *self selected: aNode*


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