[Seaside] scriptaculous - updater

Jason Johnson jbjohns at libsource.com
Fri Oct 13 17:07:36 UTC 2006

Ramon Leon wrote:
>> Hi again
>> (1) I use an periodical that displays the time in the banner (always
>> present) on my app and It seems to me the presence of this 
>> periodical avoid expiration of session ? Am I right ?
> Yes.

This I find interesting.  Doesn't this mean that if one wanted, one 
could make the expiration cache extremely low (e.g. like 30 seconds) and 
use something like this to ensure people who keep their browser open 
don't lose the session, while not having to waste space on sessions for 
people who have already surfed away from the site?  And it should be 
fairly simple to make a hidden field in normal html (i.e. not 
javascript) that does this autoupdate transparently (well, the user will 
see a little blue reload every 10 seconds or so) to support users who 
don't have javascript enabled?

Of course it isn't quite this simple.  The reason the session isn't 
getting updates may be that the user is surfing a different part of the 
site and will come back later via the back button.  But with a little 
work I think something like this would be possible.  Right?

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