[Seaside] WAApplication isDeployed vs. deploymentMode

Dominic Letz dominic.letz at berlin.de
Mon Oct 16 12:18:36 UTC 2006


WAApplication contains two instance side messages

1. "isDeployed" which is called during automatic deployment preparation
using "WADispatcher default trimForDeployment".

2. "deploymentMode" which is called to decide wheter debugging
information should be visible

Currently these messages produce independent results. 
isDeployed calls the root WAComponent's class side message isDeployed
(which may produce an error if that WAApplication has no root component)
deploymentMode checks the WAApplications configuration's #deploymentMode

In my opinion isDeployed should never fail and override deploymentMode.
Hence deplyomentMode should return "true" if isDeployed returned "true"
or the WAApplications configurtaion's #deploymentMode variable contains true

Here are my implementations (using seaside2.6b1-pmm.76)

	self isDeployed
		ifTrue: [^true]
		ifFalse:[^self preferenceAt: #deploymentMode]

	self rootComponent isNil
		ifTrue: [^false]
		ifFalse: [^self rootComponent isDeployed]		

I hope for suggestions and hints on the meaning of deploymentMode and

Dominic Letz

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