[Seaside] #children problems

Avi Bryant avi.bryant at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 17:31:26 UTC 2006

On Oct 18, 2006, at 8:43 AM, Joseph Blatter wrote:

> Can I configure callbacks in a subcomponent of a page
> (component) without sending #children?
> My problem is that I have a page with too many
> subcomponents (controls like ListBox's, TextField's,
> etc) and I've seen in order to set a callback I must
> implement #children in the page (component) answering
> these controls already created. I don't see another
> solution to this problem other than adding all the
> controls as instance variables which is a solution not
> elegant/convenient/feasible for me.

Are you sure they need to be components?  Anything can implement  
#renderOn:, but only subclasses of WAComponent need to appear in  
#children.  If you don't need the various methods and hooks  
WAComponent provides (like #call:, #updateRoot:, #updateUrl:), then  
your controls can be simple subclasses of Object instead.


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